Nile High School Mukono
Nile High School (Mukono) Limited is located twenty six (26) km from Uganda's Capital City Kampala on the main road to Jinja. In Mukono Municipal Council at Dandira about 1.5km on Mukono - Kyetume Katosi Road. View map and directions
The school was established to supplement Governments' effort of providing Secondary education to the youth in the East and Central African region after realizing that there was a high demand for this type of education in the region.
The school started in 2001, incorporated as a private Limited Company in March 2004. It was licensed on 20th August 2001 under License No. NE/22/2496 and registered and classified by Ministry of Education and Sports on March 2002 under registration No. PSS/134. The school was given a Uganda National Examinations Board Number U1365 in 2002.
The school is a Boarding and Day mixed school, which offer both Sciences and Arts at both 'O' and 'A' Level


The Board of Governors is the main governing Body of the school. They are concerned with the policy and overseeing that Management implements the policy in the school. View photo of Board of Governers
The Headmaster assisted by two Deputy Headmasters in charge of Academics and Administration manages the day to day running of the school. Heads of Departments, Wardens and Matrons also assist in managing of students on a daily basis. The school has a councillor who handles the social/economic problems of the students.
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